The five of us are all involved in Mu Alpha Theta (math competition program) at our high school, so we originally thought to develop a head-to-head competitive math program. However, we realized that expanding our scope would be more beneficial for all high school students. Then, we thought of the PSAT/NMSQT, one of the exams taken by many students across the nation. One of the most difficult sections of the exam is the writing section, which tests both comprehension and grammatical skills under strict time constraints. Due to this fact, we decided to primarily focus on this section for our project. We decided to use Java because we all have programming experience in this language. This game can be played through the console on a standard Java IDE or through a terminal/command prompt. The program utilizes previously College Board released PSAT problems through text file input, processing question data, correct answers, and solutions. We collaborated through the use of Github, and used Eclipse as our primary IDE.

However, we encountered a few issues along the way as well. One minor issue encountered was formatting of text input files containing questions with invalid characters. Another issue was determining the format in which the questions would be presented, and we experimented with a lot of different options. Fortunately, these issues were resolved quickly and efficiently, and did not significantly impact the development process.

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