Morgan Creek Digitial put out an open bet to the finance community stating their crypto asset index fund would outperform the S & P 500 over a ten year period. I wanted a way to track any crypto asset vs any traditional asset. Also, the movie Scott Pilgram Vs The World because it's rad.

What it does

Create a tracker to compare the investment performance of 1 crypto asset to 1 traditional asset over time. Calculates what a $10,000 investment in each would do at a given starting time.

How I built it

I used Blockstack's authentication system for user logins. The Nomics API for crypto assets and AlphaVantage API for traditional assets.

Challenges I ran into

Rate limiting on APIs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The super fun landing page graphic with Dorian Nakamoto, Elizabeth Stark, and Bitcoins enemies.

What I learned

How to use to create graphics

What's next for Satoshi Vs The World

Ability to tweet the current price performance of assets out weekly.

Built With

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