Sator Co-Founders, Isla and Christina, saw the opportunity to decentralize, align and improve the traditional global content ecosystem so that value can be diffused across all participants.

Sator dApp and social token reward participants for respective contributions within its opensource, incentivized, proof-of-engagement platform.

Sator expands linear content/tv into a more immersive experience and the viewer receives crypto and NFTs for engaging in the content.

We have built Sator on ethereum and Solana and implemented a bidirectional crosschain bridge. We deploy new features, backend and frontend progress, every week. Beta testnet is live and mainnet version of the dApp and token will launch approx October 25.

We are proud that all rewards take place on chain and that Sator is multichain. We are also proud of Sator's in-app NFT marketplace (which long term will be chain agnostic) where seamless NFT collecting is easy for users with zero crypto experience. This is thanks to Sator's in-app wallet plus the ability to earn crypto by watching content, then spend that crypto on digital collectibles. Containing all this inside branded mini-metaverses referred to as "realms," Sator provides turnkey solution to traditional content.

Pioneering a new platform, we have overcome many challenges already. HR, team, management and leadership are important as Sator already employs 20 full time team members. Sator founders hold regular meetings to be sure all team members are united in a shared vision and that key talent will stay with Sator for years to come. Technologically, the greatest challenge is balancing long-term product design scalability with short-term fixes in terms of setting priorities for the team in each sprint--it's hard when everything, in a way, is a priority. Luckily, Sator CEO/CTO and Sator Core Dev Lead excel at these practical decisions.

We have learned that our technical product applies equally to film, music and user-generated content even though our original plan was to address TV with our solution. Learning that, Sator has now attracted partners across all those and built different realm-templates for the respective types of content to activate on Sator.

After Sator launches mainnet, Sator continuously adds new gamifications inside the realms, deploys new features, activates more content partners and introduces additional utilities. In 2021, Sator accomplished its entire technical roadmap as set out during the seed raise. For 2022, since Sator series A closes this month, Sator technical roadmap has been written by Sator Founders and includes VR/AR, machine learning and making Sator smart TV compatible as the first decentralized streaming network.

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