As a Space enthusiast I always wondered what all different things are hovering above me right now. How can i see them. Only if I had some astronomical background to understand the data. And that inspired me too create a platform which can help me to track all the satellites hovering over me , when can i see them, when can I connect to them and even predict there future movements so that I never miss any important updates.

What it does

So the application has data of around 50 most popular satellites(according to n2yo),and allows user to live track them and even predict the future positions of the satellites respect to there current position and view it on a map with just a single click.And the most fun part you don't need to be any sci-fi expert to do that.It takes the current location of the user and some other parameters and fetches the relevant data from the api after compiling it through best algorithms possible to give most accurate data possible.

How I built it

The whole project is made on android sdk ,with java as its base language.It uses Volley library to fetch and parse data from the api. And the Rest Api used is (N2Yo),which gives the data after providing relevant data to it.Data retrieved from the user is their location . It also uses other android components like recyclerview, adapter etc.. to make the data accessible and understandable to the user on their finger tips.I also implemented auth0 api for user authentication .

Challenges I ran into

As being the solo developer of his application ,the first challenge was to manage the balance between research , development and time.I had to perform many tasks with limited time and hence it was a challenge.The second challenge was to study and process the data because i didn't had any astronomical background and hence I had to study the terms and need to learn about satellites to be able to understand how the data works.But last not least working with api as it was my time working with an rest api so to understand how the mechanics of an api works and how to use it was also a challenge.I also worked with auth0 api which was also knew to me and hence i learned a lot of new things.

Accomplishments that I m proud of

I m proud of making something one of its kind.A satellite tracker on my own with limited and resources , without having any prior knowledge of satellites and api.

What I learned

This being my first ever hackathon I learned a lot , from satellites orbits to api end points it was a very steep learning curve for me and finally being able to come up with a product that actually works as i expected is overwhelming.This whole experience was a great learning exposure to me and helped me to grow a lot.

What's next for Satellite Tracker

I m planning to make it into a social media application where all the space enthusiast can communicate with each other, share the data and talk about it .I believe it can lead to great revolution as there are not many social media platforms dedicated for space and hence it will promote it .It also needs lot of more features like customising your favourite satellite and adding notification features to get alert whenever your satellite crosses your position.

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