We wanted to explore map applications and learn new things.

What it does

Search up places to go on holiday without filtering through the attractions that don't interest you. Attractions within 3 km of you are shown. Then if the user so desires the app can generate a walking route to the location.

How we built it

Set up a back-end that connected google maps API with the native mobile application. Bought the domain name ''. Then we set up a server for it and built an APK of the app. Extensive testing and attention to aesthetics throughout the development of the app.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up react-native, getting google map locations to show up in the app, difficulties displaying multiple dynamic markers on the map and understanding different HTTP requests and structures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

ACTUALLY finishing what we set ourselves to do this hack. Learning react-native, back-end development and native mobile application development.

What we learned

Eden - I learnt to handle HTTP requests by working in back-end and to use some the GCP Google Maps APIs. Aleksandr - Improved skills in native mobile application development. Learnt to set up a Google Cloud VM server.

What's next for SashaMaps

Add automatic magnification on the mobile screen based on what is displayed. Generating an itinerary based on the points of interest the user has selected so they can use it when travelling. This would also make the app more unique.

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