About 3 weeks back, Darryl was driving down from San Francisco to LA. About halfway through the journey, his Mercedes hit a rough patch at high speed and he nearly lost control of the vehicle. After that near death experience, he began his crusade with his team Magic to stamp out pothole accidents for all Mercedes drivers

How it works

There are 3 components to Magic - Sensor, Cloud and Engage

Magic Sensor - Uses the advanced array of sensors on the Mercedes (comprises of the camera, vehicle accelerometer data and GPS information) collect information on the physical road, and processes it with the on-board computer to output for road conditions

Magic Cloud - Real-time physical road conditions from the individual cars in the Magic Network is pushed to the cloud. This information is disbursed to other members of the Magic Network driving down the same road to help optimise their ride.

Magic Engage - The interface for notifications of adverse road conditions. Users are notified via haptic feedback on their smart wearables or the steering wheel and additional information are pushed to the Car Display. The information is pushed seamlessly into maps via safe notifications, which are colour coded and has large icons to reduce distraction

Challenges I ran into

The lack of data to be able to hack a more comprehensive prototype

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Project will make driving safer

What I learned

Nokia Here - Mapping APIs available and the ability to Geocode to map events/road features into the Mercedes Benz Maps

What's next for Magic

Develop the Magic Cloud platform and integration with Magic Body Test Magic Engagement for how users interact with the notifications

Built With

  • camera-api
  • digimon
  • vehicle-data-api
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