As the pandemic continues around us, an unprecedented situation, the new vaccines have a lot of hope clinging to them. Thus, we were interested in them, and sought to work with them. We realized that not many may know about the vaccines, consequently we decided to create a platform in which users could compare two different types of vaccines, with in depth information and simulation, and this will also increase health literacy, which is known to have tremendous benefits on health worldwide.

What it does

Our platform is an easy, accessible way to access trustworthy, in depth information regarding the Pfizer versus the Sinovac vaccine. The Pfizer and Sinovac vaccine is also simulated in an easy, interactive way for users to be interested in how the vaccine works. The “Try it Out” link will take the user to a google document. They must download this document, and open the downloaded website to access our software. Essentially , users will open the software then have access to the information regarding Pfizer vs Sinovac vaccines, presented in the software, that is viewable as soon as the user opens the software. Also available will be a link to the simulation(that is in view near the information regarding vaccines) for the Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines, that users can click to access the simulation. In the simulation, users simply have to shift info “Present” mode on Google Slides, and click through the animations, to better understand and compare the two vaccines.

How we built it

We created a website using html, gathered data from countless trustworthy researchers to put on the project, and utilized Google Slides to build a simulation.

Challenges we ran into

We originally attempted to create the simulation with EchoAR and Unity, together. After countless hours, taking up most of Sunday, we were unable to do, so as a result of images not being able to be moved in Unity, rather objects. Thus, we switched to Google Slides, that still allowed us to pursue the technical knowledge (regarding animations and about vaccines, for instance) that we would have included with EchoAR/Unity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about EchoAR and Unity, which was really great. We are also very proud of our beautiful website, and how much we learned about the vaccines for the coronavirus, and the coronavirus itself.

What we learned

We learned how to adjust working with people from various different time zones all over the world, and learned an abundance of technical information that was described earlier, such as learning more about the coronavirus vaccines, the coronavirus, and about EchoAR/Unity.

What's next for SARS-COV-2 Vaccine Comparison Simulation

In the future, we seek to add aspects of personal patient information, to allow patients to add their personal data into our software, and allow the software to determine what works best for them, so that patients truly can identify which (in this case) coronavirus vaccine works best for them. We also seek to use this website as an expanded comparison platform, not limited to just coronavirus vaccines, so that the researchers can include health information especially regarding the coronavirus (i.e. coronavirus vaccines), they want to compare. Such comparisons will be available to the public, so that they may gather trustworthy and reliable information, to increase health literacy via this form of bioinformatics, which is known to have tremendous benefits on public health.

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