Several of our team members have been through the hardships of filling out the FAFSA and accessing student aid. We knew that this would be a worth while challenge and is much needed. Many individuals would benefit from this application.

What it does

This is a personalized website that accesses your Federal Aid information and builds an easy interface that anyone could understand. It makes your student loans predictable, and correlates with your expected income based on career path and location.

How we built it

We used express framework to build the node backend, with custom css, and frontend javascript. All of the pictures were made this weekend just for this app.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problems at every turn. First we unable to build using yeoman and jHipster. Then we realized none of us are graphic designers and the challenge is all UX. In the end we surprised ourselves with how well we could make graphics and responsive designs.

What we learned

Git, Graphic Design, UX, Federal information integration

What's next for My SARry Companion

We would like to see this application a part of student's experiences everyday. Too many individuals don't understand loans, and end up owing more than they make. This application would really improve people's lives.

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