Our Mission

Our goals with this project were to tell a story that would resonate with our users as well as explore new interaction paradigms that could potentially increase engagement and retention within the experience. To that end we incorporated many novel items such as a branching narrative controlled through speech recognition, a thrilling fly over of the site as it existed thousands of years in the past, and a non teleportation movement system to aid immersion.

Our Struggles

Crafting a narrative arc that allowed for rich interaction proved to be much more challenging than we initially anticipated. Forced to get creative, we hit upon the idea of using voice recognition to allow for a greater sense of agency by the user while within the experience. We also felt that it was impossible to get a good sense of scale around the site without both an aerial view and a boots on the ground view. So we set out to make two experiences and connect them together through our narrative arc. One focused on the actual reconstruction of the site and one focused on the current state of the topography. Both were using data obtained through Professor Levy's data set.


We hope you have as much as fun trying our experience as we had building it.

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