Inspiration Have you ever ignored a reminder from one of your task managers? Well, we have. In fact, most people do this most of the time. Sarcastic Task Manager will be in charge of bugging you until you pay attention!

What it does Helps you be more organized in a funny way.

How we built it Java, Android Studio and SQLite

Challenges we ran into Notifications without the app running. This required setting an alarm for the system to wake up the app and execute some code. Had trouble actually implementing it and ran out of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of The three of us survived our first Hackathon :)

What we learned Bring a pillow next time. Also, start planning a idea a bit ahead of time if possible.

What's next for Sarcastic Manager Implementing a database in a server Pushing notifications from a server Use machine learning to relate the content of the second notification to what your task is (This would be awesome!)

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