Inspiration Everyone has been hit by lockdown and Covid-19 but then these people, either senior citizens or disabled people have been hit the hardest since they could not go out, ask for help etc. since most of the services shut down abruptly, leaving no choice for them and making them helpless. We thought why not develop something to help these people, which in turn could make a huge impact on their day to day life! We not only added basic functionalities but also added USPs like donation drives(a study said that 85% disabled people borrowed money during lockdown) and SOS feature to alert people which can save a life!

What it does It connects and pairs volunteers who want to assist with people who need help like people who are over a specific age or need special assistance. The volunteers can help them with walk support, helping them with deliverables or assisting in basic household chores. Then we have added payment gateway for donation and SOS feature. We are also listing nearest hospitals based on the IP address of the user. The users can book appointments with doctors and can call out for mental support and counseling as lockdown has taken a toll on people's mental health.

How we built it We built it using a python framework called Django. We built it functionality by functionality and using APIs like twilio for SMS, Google Dialogflow for chatbot, Stripe for payment gateway, ipify, hereapi and ipstack for listing nearby hospitals. Frontend has been made by HTML, Css, Js and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into Being from a completely opposite time zone was challenging since we had to sit up all night and develop this, schedule a call and discuss and attend the inauguration ceremony and YouTube live session along with managing day time classes (literally drove us insane, it is 3:50a.m. in the morning right now!). Also, due to time constraint we could only develop the dashboard for the old aged and disabled people but not for the volunteers. We had learnt Django recently and developing something like this took really hard effort. Could not make the UI more intuitive since we were out of time as we strictly made the project during the allotted hackathon hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We had to sit with a few people for whom this web app would have been useful and this helped up brainstorm the ideas. I am really proud we could build a prototype within such a short span of time while binging on coffee. Also we could practice hands-on what we just learnt a few while ago and develop something we know isn't that great but was beyond our scope. I think I can say "we had a purpose" while doing this.

What we learned That not just technical skills are important but a good idea that could be out to use of someone needy is worth the effort. We have a prototype ready and even after this hackathon, I am going to complete it as a major project. A good team collaboration is required since we learnt how to divide work equally. Last but not the least, a good coffee can do wonders! :)

What's next for Sarathi Will try to complete volunteer dashboard as well and complete a few integrations as well as designing a better UI than what we have at the moment. We can also think of adding additional features like adding validation checks to see if the person is really greater than a certain age to be called a senior citizen or that the person is disabled by using public datasets and API calls to (Indian website for the aforementioned thing).

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