In the next few decades, natural and man-made disasters, such as, fires, earthquakes, flooding, have been predicted to rise and as population growth continues to increase rapidly, many more victims and deaths will be affected. Our inspiration is to create the Next Gen Search and Rescue (SAR) platform using 5G and exponential technologies to support disaster relief and support first responders, emergency medical providers, and non-medical civilians on the ground and remotely to increase communications and improve decision-making strategies to expedite the mobilization of local and remote resources to save lives. A major reason to developing this app is the potential to integrate the platform into existing emergency medical systems to support disaster relief situations and reduce the number of life threatening emergency medical scenarios and to offer immediate remote interventions.and co-ordination planning and execution.

What it does

Search and Rescue (SAR) 5G is a dual facing application with two states: "God Mode" allows Mission Control a bird's eye view of an apartment blueprint, which can be pulled in from public records and populated in virtual space. GPS coordinates and live video streams are sent in from responders on the scene, including coordinate markers that highlight important features such as active victim, hazard, or exit route. These are then visualized on the blueprint in real time, with alert tones highlighting when new markers have been placed.

The "Scout Mode" interface is used by responders on the scene. The design is simple, with only two buttons on screen: new marker and SOS feed, which activates live video stream to Mission Control. As Scout Mode explores the building, it reveals the map and preserves the path data of where the responder has been. All scouts are able to see each other, all markers populated in the space, and a bird's eye map of what has been traversed by all scouts.

Some additional features we would like to see developed include: -Compass for scout mode -Set waypoints from God Mode that are viewable by scouts -Proper AR map and model for God Mode -Spatially located voice memos attached to markers -Real time meshing

How we built it

Built in Unity utilizing open beta Teleportal platform.

Challenges we ran into

Keeping frame rate high enough while streaming video over 5G.

Systematically revealing map in God Mode proved tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Shared persistence of markers on all devices. Device locations are tracked in real time space.

What we learned

Real time meshing is still off the table with current technologies. By getting to experience 5G, we are now able to better understand the capabilities and limitations.

What's next for SAR 5G

0-1 YEARS:

SAR 5G Mobile App which integrates with 5G Networks and Magic Leap One to address challenges in co-ordination, planning, deployment and execution of various resources and players involved in disaster relief and to support medical triage in urban and remote regions. Create a software platform to collect data in Emergency Medicine to develop better training models of medical triage and intervention in disaster relief Leverage Mars Academy USA (MAU) and AvatarMEDIC as platforms to test Proof of Concept (POC) during alpha,beta studies and further iterations and optimization in multiple longitudinal studies in order to validate feasibility of the platform in real-time scenarios.

1-2 YEARS:

SAR 5G Mobile App provides information and communication for emergency responders and third party player s, local city and national government organizations (ie, FEMA), to co-ordinate search and Rescue, Triage in Injury Sites and Execution of victims in natural disaster areas to designated "safe zones".. App will provide data and information to help communicate with family/friends and emergency services.. For example, Facebook Emergency Services – “Marked as Safe” feature Create a SAR 5G Data Ecosystem to report directly medical support services, rescue operations, EMR, Paramedics, and healthcare providers

2-3 YEARS:

Integrate the SAR 5G Ecosystem into the local,national and global emergency disaster relief systems to be used to save human lives in a life/death situations locally and remotely – 21st Century "Mission Control" and "Central Command Center"

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