The inspiration for sAPient is that the current CollegeBoard informational pages on the AP exams were cumbersome and required the student to have to dig through the site in order to get the information they need/want. Along with this, finding out whether an institutional provided incentives for scoring high on an AP exam wasn’t straightforward, even given the CollegeBoard’s database. Instead of having to scour through multiple websites to find the pieces of the puzzle, why not just provide all the pieces and build the puzzle? This is what sAPient accomplishes.

What it does

sAPient is an AP aggregate website that can be used to find information on all AP courses with exams. It includes course description, course difficulty, exam dates, and average test scores. It has all the information that you would find across the many websites with course descriptions, detailed statistics with accurate datapoints, and a college search feature that lets the user find out if they qualify for pertinent incentives.

How we built it

Building sAPient required the use of ultra-modern web frameworks. HTML, CSS, and JS were the backbone along with the Bootstrap stylesheet framework. We hope to eventually use Python and JSON to create and maintain/access a database.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges we ran into all generally revolved around time as we had very little of it. We wanted to implement more features and expand on pre-existing ones. The major issue was that we were not able to create information pages for the vast majority of subjects, therefore we were forced to hone in on one of them to ensure we can get across the strong capabilities our program possesses. Another issue we ran into was the inability to add features such as student/educator ratings and feedback as well as a trends cluster that would show the most common issues students faced and needed help on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With that being said, we are really proud of being able to implement a robust college search feature that lets users figure out if they qualify for credits from 9 top universities. We are really proud of the design language in our project as well which demonstrates a sublime appreciation for modernity. Along with this, we are really happy about the success of the beautiful horizontal bar chart that we made and the quickjump feature. Overall, we were able to get a lot of what we put in brainstorming to actual use.

What we learned

Scalability and strong communication goes a long way. Along with this, its best to get stuff gong in motion as opposed to wanting perfection.

What's next for sAPient

Many, many things. Our setbacks demonstrate a bright future ahead. We hope to get all the subject pages done in the coming weeks. Along with this, we hope to expand our college list to hundreds of schools. This can be accomplished through expanding our system from a table in the page to an actual database created and maintained through Python and JS. Our biggest undertakings will be a feedback section for teachers and former test-takers to share their wisdom and the trend cluster which uses robust algorithms to determine the largest problem areas that student’s face with each AP course and what is the most asked components for each course/exam.

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