“89% of countries have site closures. $7b film industry losses worldwide” Quoted on Twitter by UNESCO

“Everyone is talking about the economy. We - the artists - are part of the economy. Society needs culture, but culture also needs society.” Quoted by Angelique Kidjo – Singer and activist

What it does

The creation of a mainstream platform to connect world-wide demand with local small suppliers, giving visibility to talented creatives such as artists, musicians, performers, writers, designers, clothing suppliers, both high end and smaller makers, cooks, bakers, small food producers and providers, artisans, and other originators.

How I built it

We will design a web platform that can support video, audio, documents, and framework files, available for Apps and compatible with Mac, Android and TV.

Challenges I ran into

  • Identify, train and promote human talent, innovation and creativity in science, technology, the arts and sports.

  • Strive for a healthy culture that defends the protection of local ecosystems and the sustainable care of the planet and its resources.

  • Strengthen relationships and interpersonal communications based on respect and individual ethics as values of coexistence.

  • Lead in good practice, healthy competition and the efficient use of resources.

  • Disseminate innovative and inspiring ideas that generate Social Value and Profitability.

  • Convene social, business and political leadership to create a prosperity fund and promote conscious and sustainable tourism.

  • Open wide communication technologies in order to share knowledge and culture.

  • Protect cultural and social traditions by investing in their authenticity so as to induce social cohesion and community management.

  • Encourage a loyalty to the survival of Homo Sapiens which will guarantee its success as a species.

  • Create value, generate wealth, satisfaction and happiness.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We believe that the impact of these efforts can be multiplied if we create a social contact network dedicated to sharing interests, promoting and making the entertainment and cultural sectors visible, which would be the most difficult to reactivate because of the new 'normality' of social distancing that has made us change our social habits completely.

What I learned

The outbreak of Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to stop and examine the way that we have done things up until now. We have the chance to make things different for the future. After this event, our main goal is to start over, with different socio-economic perspectives of our behaviour both in Europe and around the world.

The entertainment and cultural industries have been transformed and are adapting to future social interaction through virtual platforms and phenomena, such as YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, streaming, etc. The way we have had to learn to live today with social distancing contact has anticipated the necessity of using Virtuality from now on.

We understand the efforts that governments are making to try to overcome the public health crisis and the consequent economic impact that has forced us to rethink our economic model of excessive consumption, global commercialization and industrialization, as well as making an immediate response in order to safeguard employment, support employers and employees and help those most in need.

We believe that the impact of these efforts can be multiplied if we create a social contact network dedicated to sharing interests, promoting and making visible to all what would be the most difficult areas to reactivate, the entertainment and cultural sectors, because of the new 'normality' of social distancing that has made us change our social habits enterally.

What's next for Sapiens Initiative

We offer a creative virtual ecosystem where we can connect supply with demand and vice-versa. A new scenario for talented artists, designers, promoters, producers and suppliers who will be supported by our SAPIENSTERS - Masters of Sapientes – and make them visible to a worldwide audience.

This crusade, Talent for Change, will be the vehicle to empower the entertainment, arts and creative industries on a global competitive scale, to create a direct relationship between the public-consumer and the creative talent in a healthy environment, ecologically sustainable, and all this without leaving home.

According to the UCLG, United Cities and Local Governments, we are aware that the only way forward is via co-creation, a collaboration with our communities and local actors including the private sector, these different spheres being fully supported by governments.

We envision, for example, a renowned international chef connecting his colleagues and customers with local producers of organic, handmade and farm fresh food, at the same time sharing the culture they originate from.

Or a famous musician introducing local bands and independent artists, hosting showcases, again without leaving home, opening the way for ‘the new tourism’, an interaction with audiences, to learn more about the cultural heritage of each locality and which will even allow access to products and experiences from regions that they previously knew nothing about.

We are working to reinvent ourselves as a species in order to protect ourselves and safeguard this planet, our home, which has shown us how much we have abused its ecosystem. We are working to offer a new way of relating to each other, confident that, in this case, the only thing we want to catch is - hope itself.

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