We got our inspiration from everyday life, the emerging situation of COVID-19 pandemic and society challenge that was among the most needed to be resolved.

What it does

The application helps the stores manage social distancing, eliminates queues and people frustration making shopping easier and more effective.

How we built it

Our base idea was to create an automated way to let customers reserve the shopping spot/time and be notified via email/text, etc. So, it is possible for them to sit safely in their car or home and go in when it's the time! We built an idea's base forme by extensive thinking and logic, defining exactly which problems to address, features that stores and customers want and are beneficial for a global society, thorough research, and development. It was truly a long and exciting journey on how to save people!

Challenges we ran into

Challenges of no internet access or mobile phones, how to prove through an application algorithm that only a certain amount of people is in the store, the real-time count of footfall without hardware investment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sapher can improve epidemiology and public health, including our preparedness and response to outbreaks. Contribute to the assessment of social dynamics and prevention and control of spreading the COVID-19 pandemic.

What we learned

That we can create a global level impact!

What's next for Sapher

Make an actual prototype

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