Brazil's biggest city, with over 19 million inhabitants and 6.2 million cars has one of the worst congestion problems in the world. We want friday evenings not to be a drivers nightmare any more. That is why we created SaoPaulo Nav, the mobile aplication which reduces traffic in Sao Paulo.

How it works

Users of SaoPaulo Nav can report the traffic in their area, so that all the users of this appliction will know about it. This helps everyone avoid high traffic and reduces it. Also SaoPaulo Nav offers routing and turn by turn navigation. The application gives users both audio and video advices during navigation, offering a great user experience. The road block feature reroutes users aviding high traffic. Our algorithm detects when drivers are driving slow and automatically reports high traffic in a specific area. Also users can search for a specific location recieving it in an instant. Not having to manually look for a point of interest saves time. The application shows all the bus stations, bus stops and parking locations in Sao Paulo. After quitting the navigation users are offered pedestrian navigation to the nearest bus stop. Using public transportation also helps the traffic and pollution.

As an example: users want to navigate in the morning from home to work. They just search for the address of their work office and start a navigation. SaoPaulo Navi gives turn by turn advices all the way to the destination. All this time users can see the traffic in their area. If they encounter high traffic they can reroute avoiding it. Also if driving slow users are offered a rerouting avoiding the high traffic areas. After quitting navigation they are offered pedestrian navigation to the nearest bus stop. To help people travelling to Sao Paulo, we added the offline map of the City. This way no cellular data is needed and saves users hundreds of dollars every year.

Who can actually benefit from this solution?

Basically anyone in Sao Paulo owning a mobile device. More than helping individuals navigate better in the crowded city, it helps the drivers community and by reducing pollution the entire globe.

Why did you develop this solution

I do not live in Sao Paulo, but I have seen the traffic there. It is really terrible for drivers in the city. Having experience in mobile mapping and navigation, this is the perfect oportunity to help reduce the traffic in Sao Paulo.

What's next for Sao Paulo Navi

We will inplement a voice recognition feature so that users do not even have to touch their smartphones. Another step is extending Sao Paulo Nav to smart watches such as Apple Watch.

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