Santa's Little Helper

What is it?

Santa's Little Helper is a web service that cooperates with reddit's Secret Santa page to help the secret Santas to get a better idea of who they are gifting so that they can give a more meaningful gift.

How do I use it?

As a secret Santa, your helper comes through the psychic powers of the Santa's Little Helper webpage. You log in with your reddit and twitter accounts for authorization, enter the reddit and twitter names of your giftee, and the Little Helper will give you a result of the most reasonable gifts!

What makes the Little Helper so smart?

Through the backdoor, the Little Helper is running through your giftee's previous Twitter and reddit posts and likes and consulting IBM's Watson Developer Cloud based on the Bluemix server for natural language processing analytics on the various subreddits the giftee is a part of. This generates an overall personality and a list of interested topics. This then is run through search queries on online shopping sites, like, and the search results are sent back to Santa's Little Helper webpage.

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