"404 is a status code that tells a web user that a requested page is not available." When this error occurs, it's possibly the error from user's site or the client side. But this might reduce the user coming to the page, as they might not find what they need. But what if we even make our 404 this interactive that it attract the user also it will shows that you care about your customers. And

What it does

Here I have created an interactive page, by embedding 3D model into the webpage using Spline. I wanted to use 3D model but this might increase the loading time, hence I wanted to create in models in such a way through which the webpage, can be light and loading time can be reduced.

How we built it

Spline is a platform where creators can design 3D models and embed into the webpage. and and using Html, CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Brainstorming, How can I make 404 boring page more interactive, maybe I can use 3D model. But how to adjust 3D model into it, such that it looks meaningful as well as attractive to users, and want them to visit here again and again. While working with the spline, i made lot of error how can i embed the model in such a way that the site can be responsive and text can be added to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm happy that while working in this I learned Spline and created something interactive.

What we learned

I learned, how can i create innovative stuffs, while still just a noob, learned a lot innovative.

What's next for Santa's Gift

More intreactive site

Built With

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