In the times of COVID19 when everyone around the world has been forced to stay home during lockdowns - Among Us has been God sent. It has helped milions around the world stay in touch with friends and also make new friends. Teachers have started using it in schools to help students stay in touch and learn ,and political representatives have streamed their games to connect with the masses while sharing their thoughts. There is so much potential in this game to change the world - be it involving youth in policy, or connecting with your friends this Christmas! In this spirit, I thought we could have a Christmas themed version of Among Us. It caters to the theme of the hackathon - Mystery + Festive + Game.


The crew is a group of Santas on a mission to spread happiness and gifts around the world. Unfortunately, there are a few evil Santas on board - who want to spread misery. They do this by slowly killing off the Good Santas :( The goal for the players is to filter out the evil Santas among them. The evil Santas kill Good Santas by giving them gifts which are actually bombs. The flow and play of the game remains the same as the original Among Us.

It will be a multiplayer game of survival, where the Santas will have to vote off all of the Evil ones and complete all the tasks, and the Evil Santas have to kill all of the Good ones or stop them from completing the designated tasks to win.

The tasks too will be modified according to the theme. There will be short Christmas themed tasks - like decorating the Christmas tree, shovelling the snow, baking gingerbread cookies and so on.

How I built it

Attempts were made to follow tutorials on Unity. Finally ended up using Among Us screenshots and editing them on Photoshop to convey the modified festive version of the Game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Downloading Photoshop and successfully following tutorials to suit my purposes.
  • The idea came in my head and I couldn't let go of it. Had project submissions and assignments due the weekend, so originally was skeptical about making any submission. But sat down for 4 hours in full speed, wrote down the game's story and got fully immersed in it.

What I learned

  • Learnt basic navigation around Adobe Photoshop.
  • I also learnt how to build a story for a game.

Tutorials and Resources followed -

What's next for Santa Among Us

  • Completing the Unity setup and Coding the entire game.
  • Giving options for changing the theme to different festivals, not just limited to Christmas.

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