Secret Santa is a fun Christmas tradition where a group of people exchange gifts anonymously. A survey conducted by GB Posters shows that more than a quarter of the individuals struggle to find the right gift. Clause is a digitized Secret Santa platform that helps users find the perfect gift using social media accounts and AI.

What it does

Wishlist Clause takes a user’s social media username to analyze their interests. It feeds the results to a product search engine to generate a set of gifts ideal for that user. The user can also opt to add items to their wishlist manually

Secret Santa

A user interested in sending a gift first sets a budget. Based on the budget and their Reddit, they are paired with an individual whose subreddits best align with them. If the user struggles to pick a gift from the wishlist, they can ask Clause to pick one randomly.

Donation to Charity

After purchasing the gift, the user can choose to donate the remaining amount from their budget to a charity.


We use network analysis to find a similar score for each user. We then compare everyone's similarity to each other and select the least similar people.

Gift Recommendation

We use each user's post on social media to get a list of topics they are interested in. We do this by getting the nouns they posted on Twitter and the subreddits they comment, upvote, and post in.

How We built it

  • React Native
  • Python
  • PRAW
  • Tweepy
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • MongoDB

Challenges We ran into

  • Twitter API

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of the network analysis of subreddits and tweet analysis powered product recommendations
We have a working app at the end of the hackathon

What We learned

Product recommendation engines are smart but there is a long way to go before AI can fully implement a comprehensive recommender

What's next for Clause

more features, partnering with large shopping platforms and charity providers

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