At eBay Opportunity Hack event, we feel privileged to have helped VidhyaRanya (NGO)

-Core Challenge given to us by VidhyaRanya (NGO) was to provide a solution to create the training material for learners which NGO teachers can prepare. Hence forming the online repository. This Solution also provides the learners(especially Intellectually challenged ones) to recall and retain previously learned things through Audio, Visual and Animations.

Our App’s Name is SANSMARAN (संस्मरण) which means act of remembering, re-calling to mind or recollecting. Our Idea is to provide an “Intuitive way of Learning” for Intellectually disabled children.

We have provided two levels in the form of

  • Recognizing Basic things around (like vegetables, animals, colors etc.)
  • Learning Short stories (e.g., Thirsty Crow)

How this app works:- Students can select the different object images and drag and drop to the matching words. As soon as he tries to select an image, the audio (in their regional language, recorded in teacher’s ) will be played so that he can recollect and match the objects with the correct combinations. Once the task is done, the app provides the WoW! moment to user.

Benefits of this App:- Now teachers can easily create the content/learning materials in their own language. They can upload the images and voices (audio) clips and make the course/session available for the students to play around with the application.

Keeping in mind that Vidyaranya want this application to be completely offline, we have tried to make the application that can run standalone and can also be deployed to Cloud (AWS, Heroku , google app engine or any hosting provider).

Vidyaranya is presently running 3 centers for teaching 75 Intellectually challenged childrens from the age range of 6-14 years. Refer this link for ore details -

This application can be used as it is and we firmly believe it will make a difference in the life of at-least these 75 children.

We have used open source cutting edge technology, there will be no license cost of any of the software used. (css3, html5, javaScript, jQuery, mysql, Angular.js, php, Apache Web Server).

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