In today's day and age, we are always trying to plan various events, but it is quite difficult when everyone has a very different schedule. Instead of having to manage everything yourself, our website allows for a host to create an event, set a start and end date for the event, start and end time for the event, and an estimated duration for the event. Once the host inputs and submits this information, a random id is assigned to the inputs, and then placed in our database. From there we generate a new url that the host can send to their guests. The guests than can input the times and days they are available for the event. Once again, we take these forms and input it into another table in our data base, and then return the best dates and times that all the guests can meet for that event.

We did run into many challenges while creating our project. We both were using github in order to work on the project. Many times we had merge conflicts where our work was not syncing. Another issue we ran into was when we were working on the algorithm to return the best times and dates for the events. It took us a while before we found the best algorithm.

Lastly, we had issues with the CSS. We struggled alot to decide on what background to use. After that it take hundreds of tries to make the banner. We than had difficulty making the banner stretch regardless of the browser type. After that we had trouble formatting our forms and submit buttons to the center. Eventually we did figure all these things out and everything works quite smoothly.

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