Our app name 'Sanjeevani' comes from the Sanskrit/Hindi word 'Jeevanam' meaning life. Sanjeevani literally means that which provides life. Built specifically for diminishing vaccine wastage during the worldwide vaccination program against the Coronavirus, our app draws inspiration from the air traffic management systems put up at almost all airports around the world. These are such effective systems yet, they are not in use anywhere except in the aforementioned field.

Today, as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine wastage is constantly diminishing our efforts to defeat this virus. WHO estimates say that 50% of the vaccine vials around the world are wasted. Vaccine equity is really bad in countries of Africa, where less than 2 per 100 people have been vaccinated even now. In such cases, our app provides a lifeline to these and other poor countries by minimizing vaccine wastage.

What it does?

It's a centralized vaccine distribution system, which can be used to manage the administering of vaccine doses to people of various age groups by governments and hospital management.

So, there are two types of accounts in the app- user and admin.

  1. People can create their user accounts. Once they create their accounts, they need to provide verification of their details for authentication. After this, people can view the different vaccination schedules available to them, and schedule their vaccination appointment with a particular administrator (hospitals).

  2. Once the user registers his vaccination with a particular admin, his data is sent to the admin for scheduling and other formal procedures. Admin accounts are connected to two databases, one, where a complete list and number of vaccines available with them is given, second, vaccination schedules.

The person can go and take his jab of vaccine at the time scheduled by him over the app. Once the hospital staff delivers the dose to the person, the admin can terminate the specific user's schedule by clicking on the 'tick' (✔) option, which issues a vaccination e-Pass to the specific user, and automatically decrements the number of vaccines in the first database by 1.

Hence, this is an effective system to effectively manage vaccination appointments of people, and at the same time, reduce the wastage of vaccines.

How we built it

The app is built solely in React Native (JSX) and uses Firebase as the database.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time we used React Native for app-building, as a result, time management was a big issue. Also faced difficulties in setting up the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a functional dynamic prototype app in a short span of time.

What we learned

Advances in Android Development and React Native, project deployment and fundamentals of Firebase.

What's next for Sanjeevani - An Efficient Vaccine Distribution System

We hope to increase the portability of the app so that it can work on every software, including keypad mobiles, which will help even the poorest to avail its benefits. We also aim to finalize the app from a prototype to a working model, so that we can finally roll it out to the masses.

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