Sangre is not the first app of its kind, but potentially the most important to the health industry and saving lives.

Our company, Sanguine, is bridging the gap between patients and researchers throughout the personalized medicine research process. Currently, patients must work exclusively with their physicians to engage in biomedical research, and this process is delaying the discovery and development of new drugs and therapeutics. Sanguine's technology enables it: 1) to connect per diem phlebotomists and nurses with patients at their home interested in research, 2) to collect their blood, DNA, and medical data all in the comfort of their own homes, 3) to deliver these samples and data to researchers, and 4) to provide information to patients on how their sample has made an impact. Sanguine's ultimate goal is to construct a library with this data that will be accessible to researchers across the globe.
The samples we collect are often from people with rare diseases and conditions. In order to improve our ability and range to connect phlebotomists to patients that have rare diseases, we have developed the Uber of phlebotomy – Sangre. Via Sangre, per-diem phlebotomists can view available draws in their area and receive payment per draw. Phlebotomists can earn extra money by recruiting patients to donate or by referring a fellow phlebotomist to Sangre using the share feature in the app. Sangre uses information collected from forms on our sites that are stored into salesforce that is then pushed to Sangre for Phlebotomists to view.

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