We found people get bored of eating regular and somehow bland sandwiches. We want to provide a fun and simple way to share various recipes, regarding different dietary preference or mood of the day. We hope peopel enjoy eating their homemade, creative, and tasty sandwich.

What it does

It allows user to choose a mood or dietary preference, then the website would generate a list of ingredients. It also has recommended brands.

How we built it

We first use javascript, css, and html to build the whole website.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to connect our js code with one of the html pages, and it didn't work. We ended out changing the result page to the same html page as our introduction page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's our first time coding using javascript and building a website from scratch.

What we learned

We learn a new language javasrcipt and how to make a drop down menu.

What's next for Sandwichnizers

We want to add more recipes for each category and a rating system for our users to share their creation!

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