The Sandman is a mythical character in central and northern European folklore who brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of people while they sleep at night.

Modern technology gives us ability to dramatically increase performance of students during hard school days using precise sleep control. It's scientifically proven that teenagers who get enough sleep are able to act more productively throughout the day and have more stable mental health. In the past there was no tool to control the amount of sleep students get, so organizations were limited only to recommendations about optimal amount of sleep. These days the rise of wearable tech and health tracking algorithms, such as apple health kit, gives an ability to control sleep habits of students using combination of software and gamified incentives.

We have designed the app, which puts sleep tracking on the next level. Sandman System allows users to create closed monitoring groups in which they can share their sleep data and receive rewards for achieve the sleep goals. It opens opportunities for teachers to improve grades of their students, through ensuring enough sleep, gives companies ability to get more productive and polite employees and much more. Our team has built it to be absolutely universal, no matter in what group you are in or what device/app you use to track sleep - Sandman will be able to take advantage of the data and improve your sleeping habits.

Sandman System consists of two parts: native app and cloud backend. Being native allows it to provide the best user experience possible and cloud part built on Windows Azure gives an ability to access the app from multiple devices. We have built the interface to be universal and provide familiar user experience on any platform person can use.

Sandman System is our ambition and belief that wearable tech can make a significant impact to the society around us.

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