One of the biggest issues when launching a product is getting user feedback and watching how users interact with the current product design.

Sandlot is a platform that enables startups to watch hundreds of users test their product and analyze user behavior.

Sandlot provides startups with DOM-level event tracking and aggregates user interaction statistics. Sandlot aggregates all of these interactions to provide analytics and heat maps and allows startups to view individual sessions to dive deeper into how users interact with the product.

There are a few user-testing platforms that already exist, but these primarily provide startups with a platform to record and playback user interaction. Sandlot takes this a step further by saving every mouse movement/event and keyboard event in real-time. We can then analyze the data and playback the user interactions, either in aggregate or individually.

The features that are most interesting are our user interaction heat maps, usage statistics and the ability to playback all user sessions simultaneously. In addition, startups can see which links users clicked to navigate away from the page.

We plan to charge startups for this service starting at ~$25 / month.

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