San Diego - America's Finest City (AFC). And for this fine city, we are proud to offer this app, SanDiegoAFC, a wonderful companion for locals and visitors alike to go out and explore and enjoy America’s Finest City. Designed originally for the 2012 San Diego Apps Challenge, SanDiegoAFC delivers six city data sets as part of the challenge, as well as many other San Diego data sets for users to quickly access information on the go. All with the goal of improving our collective quality of life, and encouraging local economic activity!

And you can earn Apple Game-center badges and leader-board bragging rights by going out and exploring San Diego! Play a lot of golf, earn the Golf-Nut badge. Impact the San Diego business community, earn the Mogul badge. Attend a lot of San Diego's great sporting events, earn the Sports-Fan badge. There are over 20 badges that San Diegans and visitors can go out get.

In all, SanDiegoAFC offers three great features in one app –

  1. A curated list of San Diego resources, six City-data sets, several-other data sets, and contact information across eight convenient categories: News, School, Work, Wellness, Get Active, Attractions, Date/Eat/Shop, and Events. We've built a foundation upon which we can quickly add more and more resources over time.

  2. The San Diego Bucket List, integrated with Apple’s Gamecenter, is the feature that turns San Diego into a game. Earn points, leader-board bragging rights, and achievement badges for going out and exploring America's Finest City.

  3. Diego Daily Deals, an aggregated list of deals just for San Diego.

So if you live in San Diego, or are just visiting, grab your iPhone, get the SanDiegoAFC app, and go out and explore America's Finest City! (Coming soon to Android.)

Oh, and if we missed a cool thing to do in San Diego, please let us know at

TO THE REVIEW COMMITTEE: We submitted to Apple late Tuesday, 4/10/12 and the app is now in "Waiting for Review" status (please see screenshot in the image gallery). You can see the app in action in our video. I just noticed that you give us UDID's on the FAQ; we will send you the SanDiegoAFC to by the end of 4/11/12.

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