We realized that there wasn't a good way to teach about anti-bullying and a way to report it bullying without physically going to someone and most people are even scared of that.

What it does

Our website is made into 2 parts the reporter and information on the facts about bullying and how we can stop it in the world

How we built it

We hosted it on Google Cloud Platform using a Wordpress VM with plugins for forms and some other visuals

Challenges we ran into

The form needs a mail server to send emails from and we weren't able to make one

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

Learning the in and outs of wordpress and how to set up VMs in Google cloud platfor/m

What's next for Sanctuary

An improved method of letting schools make local email to send to their HIB (Harrasment, Intimidation, Bullying) people and improved resources

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