When we "arabot" first received the invitation from google, we got excited not just because its huge hackathon, but because it serves a full nation, nation of Islam. When we are talking about Hajj, we are talking about the biggest sized event on earth. So we look at it as a challenge with a frame of time and place. Not only a specific time of a year, but also in a very specific area as well.

What it does

We at "arabot" believe that in order to reach the real problems, you need a rich way to retrieve the feedback/reports that forms and indicates the real issues. Our solution at "arabot" is to collect & analyze Hajj feedback at any point across the full journey using advanced AI tools to allow Hajj management to response & take actions in real time all under one simple-to-use bot. The chatbot runs with the Hojaj along their whole journey, starting from traveling to Saudi Arabia, through accommodation, Hajj process and then traveling back home. The chatbot keeps on following up with the Hojaj, it reminds them with important times/dates, and receives feedback at each step of the journey. The feedback is then sent directly to the Hajj parser (clever parser that understands all Hajj terminologies and locations) then it goes to the classifier (where it directs the feedback to the right dashboard). Hajj management will have access according to their roles and categories to the dashboard where they can follow up with the feedbacks and response directly to the user on the same used social media channels.

How we built it

The bot is built using various technologies which some is mentioned above, the chat bot runs on social media channels such as : Messenger,Google hangouts, telegram and a webchat component that can be integrated in any website as well. We believe that in order to convince people to use a new feature/technology such as chatbots, we need to make sure its easy to be accessed , nowadays almost every human on earth has a mobile phone in his/her hands, this gives the chatbot a huge advantage where it requires ZERO installations/configurations.

Challenges we ran into

Like i have already said, Hajj event is the hugest world wide, thats why it was a challenge to have static feedback categories, as the event goes through multiple totally unique steps. Thats why we came up with the dynamic categories idea. Where the categories of the feedback will be dynamic according to hojaj's feedbacks.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are really proud to participate in such an event that severs such a great purpose. We are really glad we participated and worked on a great clear solution that can really leave an impact.

What we learned

We learned a lot because of the challenges we faced.

What's next for SANAD El Hajj

If SANAD El Hajj was given a chance to go live, it will grow so big that the data will be very useful, matching will be perfect (as machine learning depends on the size of data) and it will enhance the whole Hajj experience. We have a lot of more useful features that can be added to enhance SANAD even more.

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