In school once, we had speakers who were formerly addicted to alcohol and drugs. They both seemed so confident and not at all people I'd peg as former drug abusers. They said that the solution was rehab, but it took so long to confess to themselves they had issues and even after finding a rehab, which they described as a very difficult process when intoxicated, they relapsed and ran away. People have been struggling with drugs a lot more nowadays, especially with the quarantine. A total of 21 million people are addicted to drugs, yet less than 10% get the help they need. So I designed Sana, an app to address this issue.

Sana is an all-in-one tool with a personalized plan, notifications for checck-ins and medications, daily journaling, habit and mood trackers, a map with rehab locations, and more. I designed Sana with Canva and Paint-3D.

It was a challenge to balance an aesthetic layout/design with any difficulties people who were fighting substance abuse might face with simple tasks like reading and using the app. I wanted to make the app as user-friendly and comfortable to look at as possible, so I changed my color scheme halfway through into a warmer scheme to not stress the user and provide a relaxing look. Also, I wasn't sure of which font to use at first, but after some research I figured out that monospace fonts are some of the easiest fonts to read, so I chose a monospace font as my only font throughout.

I'm proud of the organization in my app. I had lots of ideas so I tried to condense them and make easy navigation, which I think I accomplished.

I learned a lot about different kinds of design and how to cater your product to your respective audience, which is definitely going to be helpful in the future.

In the future, I would update the app by adding settings(like if the user wants icons or not, dark/light mode) and a connection system with the user's doctor so that if they aren't following their habits or taking their meds(if they're doing at home rehab), Sana would notify their doctor immiediately.

Built With

  • canva
  • paint3d
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