What it does

The app gives you a complete picture about the on going traffic and parking locations in the city along with exact location. It also provides parking violations that have taken place at a particular location for the mentioned time period. Using this, the authorities can gauge which are the place where more parking violations have occurred and act accordingly. The application also gives an idea of what will be the future parking in a particular area at any time

How I built it

We have built the app using the Spring at the Backend and jquery at the front-end. For the data, we have used the the REST APIs provided by predix platform namely traffic API,pedestrian API and the parking API.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to understand the data that was coming from the API's and accordingly convert it in way that would suit our application's need

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have built a complete working model which can be used by authorities in order to understand the traffic situation in the city of San Diego.

What's next for San Diego Smart Analysis

Since we had the data for only the past two months, it was very difficult to perform Machine Learning algorithms in order to analyze the data in depth but in future, we will have more data which will help us to analyze the traffic and parking in a better way and come up with better solutions

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