Search for businesses in San Diego County using this easy search tool. Built using the database with 60000+ active businesses provided by the county.

Search by typing a category like Gas, Book, Grocery, Salon and the autocomplete feature will provide suggestions and help you pick one from the list.

You can also search by selecting main/sub categories from the list using two clicks.

The result is shown on google map with clickable markers for additional details including driving direction. To keep the list small and manageable, only ten items are shown on a page and the result is limited to 100 businesses.

To narrow your search, zip code is provided which will search over a five mile radius. This required geocoding the locations using Google web services (took over 3 weeks).

The database has businesses with valid licenses when this was downloaded in March 2012. Hopefully, this is as accurate as it can get.

To help visitors deal with the sky rocketing gas prices, I have also added search for cheap gas around San Diego. This will show gas stations on the Google map with gas prices and driving directions for different grades of gasoline around a zip code. The more you use this, the more you save!

Go shopping around San Diego and help improve the local economy!

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