We wanted to make a way for students to learn with zoom or any other platform.

What it does

The program makes a summary of the class by making a transcript of the audio file and shortening it and being able to ask questions.

How I built it

We used JS, python and google cloud for machine learning and web development to create the site

Challenges I ran into

we didn't have time to make the whole Idea and the google API didn't work very well

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

google cloud API implementation

What I learned

google cloud API implementation

What's next for Samurize

we'd love to add more features and better our AI, because there's always room for improvement. For example, we'd like to integrate Samurize into the major Conferencing clients such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. Using that integration, we could update our summary in real time and that way also ask questions in real time. In addition, we could also use a real-time microphone.

failure to launch:

Failure to launch - We had a big problem with the video at the end. We'd love it if you could check out our website at see the cool hack for yourself instead of it being shown pretty badly in the video


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