Global Climate Change Impact

What it does

Samsara App will connect users to Gig economy services such as Deliveroo & Uber via API integration to facilitate pick up / drop of recycled goods

How we built it

App prototype on AdobeXD and Wireframe Miro, React-Native

Challenges we ran into

Communication working remotely, recording live, monetization and business model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bringing the idea to life and diverse perspectives brought to the project.

What we learned

Team work makes the dream work, how to create a Pitch deck, PMI template, Prioritising ideas, Prototype design

What's next for Samsara

See our roadmap :) If we win we will use our funds for development of the app.

Built With

  • adobecloud
  • adobexd
  • api
  • canva
  • miro
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