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Going to the beach in the summer is an absolute must. Even if you only go once, I believe that having yourself a beach day at some point over the summer should be mandatory. What's not to love about it? You can get a little sun, enjoy the effects of salty ocean water in your hair, wear a cute straw hat, and take in the serenity of a relaxing day spent in the sand. Going with your friends always makes for a fun time, but having a solo beach day can is something we don’t like.

Why being by the beach is best?

  1. Vitamin D The ultraviolet rays increase the production of serotonin. This means that you feel more happy, sunny, energized, and bright. Who wouldn’t want to feel even better if they could?

  2. Always feeling like you are on holiday When you go to the beach in the evening after a long day of activities you are greeted with a unique sunset every night. Not to mention you will be in the midst of the relaxing vibes from the local community.

  3. Chance for bonding When one thinks of the beach, it almost always inspires happy memories of community and being surrounded by family, friends, and possibly a significant other, having a barbeque and losing track of time. Not to mention, beach destinations are also regularly associated with honeymoons. Heading to Cottesloe beach could almost definitely conjure up some romantic memories (and hopefully not some terrible breakup memories).

  4. Not only feeling, good but looking good The fresh air, the swimming and especially walking along the beach help people to feel good and look great. Plus, it’s far more exciting than running on a treadmill for hours. Vitamin D and saltwater are great for keeping your hair clean and strong. The seawater is also wonderful for clearing up problem skin as it acts as a natural exfoliate.

  5. Relaxation all the way De-stress by mediating with the beautiful beach surrounding the waves can act as a soothing background as you meditate under the warm sun or as you lie floating in the Ocean. Being by the beach brings so much tranquillity.

  6. Discovering The Cottesloe reef and the sea life that can only be found at the beach, in rock pools, or as you walk along the beach provides you with unique and eye-opening experiences. Every time you head to the beach you will discover something new.

  7. Amazing people watching People are carefree at the beach which can lead to some interesting sights but can always make for a friendly and welcoming environment. It’s always entertaining watching a seagull steal someone’s chips when they aren’t looking.

  8. It's Free! Free is always good (especially if you aren’t alone)

What is the problem?

Having a beach day can be fun but if you go solo then it would be full of boredom too. Approx. 6 out of 10 people have no one to go with them on the beach, so they ended up going solo and feel depressed when they see other couples roaming around! Also, there are fewer volunteering groups and individuals find it difficult to volunteer alone, and also clean-up drives are less seen nowadays.

What is the Solution, we are offering?

We developed a web app where you can find other people who are finding people to go on the beach and you can chat with them and can fix the time of your meet at your favorite Beach. So, that it will kill the boredom of both of you and you can spend an amazing adventurous weekend!

ALSO, OUR APP CONNECTS YOU TO: Various Communities/NGOs who are working for Beach cleaning drives & Beach safety Crews!

Find a travel partner

If you are thinking to go to a beach, and your friend ditches, no worries we got your back. Find a travel buddy, who is heading towards a beach and partner up through the application.

How to find the perfect travel buddy?

If you are unsure whether the travel partner you will be matched with will be safe or not to travel with. Don't worry, we created a safe environment with different features. Let's understand them.

Perfect Travel buddy finder

Firstly talking about safety, we have some measurements taken. A travel buddy's profile will be visible for the user to understand them and connect with them, other than this female users will be connected with female users on priority, but still, if they want to match with others they can. Besides this, all the volunteer works will be shown in the user's profile with having rating system. So, this makes it easier, simpler to connect with strangers and enjoy the summers on the beach.


If you wish to volunteer for a bigger cause like seawater management, conducting fundraise for animals that have no shelter near beaches, and other social problems, you are at the right place. We will form you up with a like-minded team, where you can head all the operations.

Beach Cleaning Drives

You can sign up for our form if you are interested in cleaning beaches in a group. The groups will be formed after the forms received and you will be allocated a team, where you can have fun while volunteering.

Local Beaches

With several different beaches easily accessible on foot, chose from sand, rock pools, ledges, or lagoons for your own personal beach experience.

Why we need this?

To overcome the problem of singleness and loneliness of a person, and to overcome the shyness in working with NGOs and volunteering, we need this to overcome all these things. It basically connects you with the right person.

Who are we?

Visit the developer's page to know more about us and contact us. We love to work on projects that help improve people's lives and leaves a good impact on this world. To know more about our project, visit us at TheBeachCombers

Regards- Kartik Agarwal, Manan Jain

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