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What it does

So this project is to endorse the connections or Sampark(in hindi) that you have with people around you.You can add a bunch of images just to showcase your work,meme , anger or any cool image over at our platform.Everything is backed up by decentralised systems.This is more like a memorial for your future with all the data backed up by blockchain.The storage used here is Skynet(decentralised storage solution) for more information about skynet visit (

How I built it

i used Reactjs to make the frontend with react-bootstrap and added the functionality of memorial.sol as my smart contract to take images and store them on my local ethermint node

Challenges I ran into

oh boy i had to go through a lot of bugs like setting up and i started with react native but slowly i realised that an app would not be able to talk to local ethermint node and the rpc links had some issue so i had to change my idea and tech stack in mid hackathon

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first ever project that i have done alone and with ethermint it was so new experience so i am proud about finishing my project in time

What I learned

i have learnt a lot about nft and a little info into advanced solidity concepts like mapping.

What's next for Sampark

In the future I was going to convert all of these basic images to NFT(non fungible token) so that precious memories are saved and they have an intrinsic value in the future

  • Did my work on Sampark.sol for making it as nft but was not able to finish it
  • will try to upgrade the interface(frontend and ui)
  • adding a crowdfunding feature

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tinkering with my application i found a mistake ,i.e everytime you start thermint node you have to compile and migrate the smart contract and as i have hard coded the abi so you would have to copy the abi from memorial.json and add it to app.js

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