The inspiration is our image of rural India. Aditi being in a rural internship from college could point out the major problems in a village. Our project defines our perceptive of villages in India. The inspiration comes from various places. While traveling from Gandhinagar to Ahmadabad we asked the people from small villages about their knowledge of using a modern smart phone. How they saw a smart phone. Their exceptions and over the night we thought of building certain things keeping in mind various aspects.

What it does

The idea is to solve the problems of the village. The problems of the village will be solved in such a way that the people will start trusting our application and then the user base will grow. The main idea on which the application focuses is something which a poll based system where user post there problem it is out for a poll and then if there are people supporting it then the problem will be forwarded to the NGO who can take action and the same to the near by govt official. The action or the reply given by them will be sent to all the user who voted in the favor of the application.

farmers,people of villages ------> Application voted for problem ----> To the NGO / GOVT official -----Will tell the user necessary action taken. -------> The problem still is reported / Govt keeps a mum ---> Taken to media through our interface-----> Problem solved guarantee

  1. The next application of the app is to spread awareness about the govt problem and the work done by the NGO in that village. All the user in the village will be informed about it using the notification feature.

  2. Information about calamities and various prevention measures will informed to them through notification on webpage.

  3. Govt introduces various strategies and schemes for the farmers in the rural area. But the farmers don't get to know about it. The application will make sure that the farmer get to know each and every detail about the event.

  4. There are endless application to this feature of notification as this can be used to spread important daily information . Ex. Availability of water, ration shops etc.

  5. The pin point of the application is to solve the problems of the rural India which consist mostly of farmers. Farmers have majorly 2 problems. 1 . Working with modern technology and latest technique to make their crops the best.

    1. The next problem with them is their health. The unavailability of resources and doctors is a big problem. So, here is the solution. Using our application the distance between them will reduced a lot. The application works in the flow.

User ---> Problem ----> Application ---> Moderation ---> Team of 10-15 doctor ---> All the problems and responses will be stored ---> answer to the needy with timely notification.

AFTER A FEW MONTHS User ---> Problem ----> Application ---> Moderation ---> Answers from the database automatically for similar queries in past or dr will answer..

For farmers User ---> Problem ----> Application ---> Moderation ---> Team of 10-15 agricultural experts ---> All the problems and responses will be stored ---> answer to the needy with timely notification.

AFTER A FEW MONTHS User ---> Problem ----> Application ---> Moderation ---> Answers from the database automatically for similar queries in past or dr will answer..

This way the application solves all the problem of the villager and so the villager will use our application. And this is the way we think the initially if 3-4 villages take the initiative others will just follow. Because it made for people of the villages

How I built it

Back Ground The building process went through many ups and downs. We decided to work on something else and we ended with something else. We first started to think of the ways we could make input easier and output local. We thought first not to use any platform just SMS and phone calls using Exotel . In between the development process, aditi got ill. So, then we had to shift in something where resheil had expertise . For simple phone/sms application system we shifted to web-development. Using PHP, and with the help of a template from we got most of the UI part. The credit has to be mentioned to the open source community of which allow to use their templates on just the condition that we have to give them the credits. This project was incomplete without their template. Their template plays a important role as the template is flexible. The UI is designed so much smart that according to your device lenght and breath it adjusts itself.

The Recipe : To build such an application we need to have knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The template consisted of 5 major editable files.

  1. No bars.
  2. Left Side Bar
  3. Right side bar
  4. The main page
  5. The css part.

Designing the UI is just understanding their template and editing the css according to your needs.
The PHP part is bit complicated as it is use for connecting to the user. And is responsible for its dynamicness of the website. PHP is used to query the MYsql database. The queries are mentioned to fetch data, update and insert data in the database. The other major use is of Phpmyadmin directly. It is a open source software which can be used to view dynamically the mysql database. All the queries can be preformed dynamically using Phpmyadmin

Challenges I ran into

The challenge is to code in 30 hrs and building it with a team. We had the biggest challenge finding a 3rd guy. We had 2 people saying us no at the last moment. And unfortunately aditi had to leave because she wasn't well. She coded as much as she could. She committed the idea, documented it. We coded together as she being a android developer and me being a webdeveloper we had compatibility to make anything look good. But Inout had more challenges to cut when the things you are expert in don't work on the last day cause you have pressure. Then when the talent pitches in.

The challenge is to work under time constrain and work under pressure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There is just one thing . We loose or we win , we completed the race with all falls on road nothing can be better than that. That is thing I'm proud off and this is one thing this team will take from here.

What I learned

You never loose and you are always a learner. This world is huge, technologies develop lighting fast, you need to be updated. Being a developer is a proud feelings. Never give up whatever happens. have the quality to be one man army because in a team of 3-5 things may go wrong. Have a map and always a b,c,d,e...-plans ready long with a-plan. Because in pressure play things go wrong. Be a learner and a good listener. :) People are good at helping in such cool events.

What's next for Sampark

Sampark will connect. The idea was huge. But we couldn't make it due to unexpected circumstances. We will bring a change in the communication and using exotel the first thing we will make it android free. On sms/phone calls thats what are aim is.

The aim which we planned was a local market which will profit the farmer as he/she will be able to sell his product directly to the public and all the intermediates will be sued. This is one thing which we would implement if we had time. The focus would be making the design more simple.

When the people will start earning money will earn more profit they will start using us. Because there is only one thing which drives the rural developing India that is money.
There is much more like introducing techniques for people who don't have a native language script through a voice message.

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