Inspired by Nike's Running App ( Product and its application to benefit/socialise targeted customers)

What it does

Provides a natural language (voice/text input) based application which guides user to nutrition rich lifestyle. For demo purpose we have integrated with Google Assistant, Facebook and Telegram.

How we built it

Using Node JS

Challenges we ran into

Articulating and organising the data into a proper data format and schema which scales well into future use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within a short time we are able to build our data and integrate with Voice based as well as Text based interface.

What we learned

Productization our idea.

What's next for Sampann Mitra

Integrating the step by step recipe guide tool, which would the following 1) Instruct step by step over voice as the user starts cooking. 2) Parallarize the steps. 3) Get taste feedback and provide solutions in case of improper taste (for eg., too much salt)

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