When I had my baccalaureate my big brother who resides in France sent me 1500 euros as a gift then the money at CFA F. I have too many difficulties to convert the 1500 euros in F CFA that my brother gave me. In Mali, many people have parents, brothers, sisters, their children in Europe, the United States who are in immigration and who send money to his family while the money from Europe , and the US are different from the money in Mali; Malian citizens lose a lot of money, they do not convert the currencies Euro, Dollar into F CFA. I lost money in conversion 1500 euros in F CFA because I do not know how to convert the euro into F CFA This is the problem of currency conversion in local currency Mali, which affected me a lot and gave me the courage to do something to facilitate the conversion of foreign currencies into the local currency. And I did studies in Informartique after my studies at the end of November 2018, I developed 2 mobile applications EuroCfa and ConvertisseurDevices that allow to convert the foreign currencies in our local currency. I worked very hard to develop 2 mobile applications that convert foreign currencies into the local currency, the first mobile application converts the Euro currency into F CFA, and the second application that convert the euro, the dollar, the Swiss franc in CFA F, Cedi Ghana and Shillin Kenyan. I was struggling to develop my mobile conversion apps but I worked hard without losing the courage to develop my mobile apps. Now easily the citizens of Mali can convert foreign currencies Euro € in our local currency F CFA, also the application can convert foreign currencies Euro €, Dollar $, Swiss Franc in the African currency in F CFA , in Cedi Ghana Ghs, in Kenyan Shilling KES. Malian citizens will no longer have to worry about converting foreign currencies into local CFA francs, and other African countries whose money is CFA will be able to convert their currencies Citizens of Ghana and Kenya countries will be able to convert foreign currencies into their local currencies into Cedi Ghana and Kenyan Shilling

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