Everyone enjoys food,most people consume it to satisfy their hunger, but flavour is important. The majority of people can cook but they often don't know how to cook properly because they are unaware of the quantity, ingredients and number of people they will be cooking for. Because of this, we have provided information on all food items in this app and created a community where users can share their cooking expertise, which will help more people learn how to cook.

What it does

This software was primarily created for those who wish to learn how to cook and for those who are interested in teaching others. This app encourages people to learn more dishes and many new recipes are being added daily so people get excited to try those new dishes and enjoy with their family. It also allows people to share their knowledge of new dishes and recipes that will be helpful to others to learn and try out these new dishes.

How we built it

The proposed application is built on Pega 8.7.3 version and we have utilized Theme Cosmos: 04-01 built on the workflow components and user interface.

What we learned

Different rules like Activities,Data Transforms, different flow actions. Learnt how to apply multiple pega concepts in real life scenarios.

What's next for SAMAYAL STUFF

Cooking video uploading as an option with instructions. User can request for the recipe and anyone can post it.

Built With

+ 1000 more
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