Our inspiration came from seeing the needs of our local NGOs. Both of us, having been members of an NGO in the past, have seen some obstacles that small non-profit organizations might face. One that we saw very often was the problem of understaffing and not having enough hands to help the community. We thought that the reason the local community doesn't help as much is because the workload seems too much. So, dividing the work into small, achievable tasks would motivate everyone to give a helping hand!

What it does

This app brings together the local NGOs with the residents of the city (or with people from even further away). Every individual user and every non profit has a profile. NGOs can post tasks they need help with and donations, and users can pick up a task, according to the location or the category or even the day a task is due. Users can also donate to different causes. There is also an instant messaging feature, for both users and NGOs.

How we built it

We did all of the designing through figma and the development using react native, redux, firebase and expo.

Challenges we ran into

When it came to the development part, we had never worked with react native before. This made it hard to start, but after a while we got to know it. The other challenge was that we had never personally worked on the back-end before, so it was completely new to us. These challenges made it even more difficult for as considering the fact that we both work (part time and full time), so we had limited time during the weekdays.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the design of our app. We worked really hard on it, and the result is exactly what we envisioned. We are also proud of the fact that in a very short amount of time, we managed to get familiar with react native and firebase and create some functional pages.

What we learned

We learned a lot about back-end web development, and using react native. We also learned that when facing limited time to work, we should work with technologies we are already familiar with! ;D

What's next for samareetan

We are planning on continuing the development of samareetan so we can bring our project to life. We came to care for it very much and want to see it at least be finished, if not out to the public.

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