Ted is a visually impaired individual, who takes medication, and does not want to be dependent on others. Samantha is a Google Glass application that processes text & speech, and does object recognition. She tells Ted what he is looking at, gets reports from Ted doctors, and gets reports from medical records. She tells Ted what pill he needs to take and is about to take, prevents him from eating food/pills that will interfere with the medication he is currently taking, and prevents others from taking advantage of him (such as in a store when the cashier gives Ted the wrong amount of money).

Some of the technology (Glass + Computer Vision Integration) for this product has already been built (for an example of how the previous technology works see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3biPTHVjeM). The Samantha team is building on this technology to make it more advanced and useful for the target audience of visually impaired individuals.

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