Samahope is a crowdfunding platform for doctors to provide critical life-changing surgeries for the poor. To date, these heroic doctors have treated roughly 5,500 patients with the help of 2,800 donors. However, the ultimate goal is provide medical treatment for 1,000,000 patients. To become a pioneer of innovative medical care, Samahope needs to scale their infrastructure and attract more donors to their organization. So, I created to a mobile application to streamline the entire donation process to make the process of donating more appealing.

Samahope for Android is a mobile application that helps drive donations during events and off-line campaigns. Users can browse through various doctor profiles and instantly be shown all of the relevant information pertaining to the chosen doctor's mission. And donating should be simple, intuitive, and easy to integrate - so I developed the application around Google Wallet / Android Pay (beta) using Stripe. In less than 15 seconds, a user can donate to a doctor and be on their way. The application also collects important donor information such as name, email, and phone number.

This application is built around scalability and simplicity. Samahope uses Stripe for their back-end, so it should be easy to integrate with their current system.

At a live event, you don't want people to have to get on your website and fill out form after form. You want to be able to just click a button and make a difference. However, it doesn't end there either. People want to know the impact they are making in someone's live. In future releases, I'll be adding a patient wall so user's can actively see who's lives they are changing as a result of their donations. I'll also be adding a campaign-specific activity feed to help drive donations and increase user-engagement.

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