Create a digital health assistant of the future, an entity that knows all of your personal health records and can utilize the power of the Cloud to assist you with your everyday health care needs.

What it does

Sam is a mobile application integrated with Cortana and use natural language processing to determine the appropriate action to take based on your voice input. Whether it's directing you to the nearest pharmacy or contacting emergency services, Sam is intelligent enough to get you the right level of care that you are asking for.

How we built it

UWP integrated with Cortana front end.

Azure Web API services and DocumentDB for storing personal healthcare information the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Had difficulties using Luis in an effective manner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Was able to weave different technologies together in a short amount of time

What we learned

New Microsoft services and APIs

What's next for Sam - Digital Health Assistant of the future


Built With

  • azure
  • cortana
  • documentdb-cognitive-services-(luis)-bingmap
  • speech-api
  • uwp
  • webapi
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