We wanted to use the internet to connect people with similar interests. We enjoy learning new languages, but it can be really boring to teach it to yourself. Whether you have questions about grammar or if you just want to practise speaking the new language with people that are more advaced, SAM will help you. We wanted to connect people. Learning languages. Use the internet to be social.

What it does

SAM can help you find a partner, that ideally you can learn something from and you can share your knowlege. It makes sure, that your skill levels match and it shows you which partners are close to you, so it is easier to meet up and talk. It helps find people to help you learn (programming) languages. Helps find the right partner Potentially a guide how to teach language

How we built it

Firebase Android Studio Java Maps XML Places API

Challenges we ran into

not too much android expierience, we had to learn new things

Accomplishments we are proud of


What we learned

A lot of Android and Firebase.

What's next for Sam

There are a lot of things that can be added to SAM. First of, public meeting points that are about in the middle of the two persons can be suggested. We also thought about being able to form bigger groups, to make it even more of a social event. The teaching doesn't have to be in person every time. Maybe we can give some guidelines on how to teach a language and can come up with worksheets, the mentor can correct them online and give more insight on the mistakes. Maybe we can connect the app to social networks(e.g. facebook, Skype, WhatsApp) just to stay in contact in case of further questions, maybe even provide an own chatroom. Public central meeting points Groups How to teach Connect to social networks own chatroom

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