We got the inspiration for building this project from the current incidents happening around us. We thought to build something by which we can help the girls/women to roam freely at any time. We got the idea initially from a Instagram post where Ludhiana Police have started a service in which the girl/women can call the toll-free number and avail a free drop service if she is feeling unsafe or not getting any transport facility. This service is valid from night 10pm to morning 6am.

What it does

We have made an web-app as of now. The app is having two features. One, when the user wants to book a free drop service and Second, is when the user is in danger.

The first, works like, the user clicks on the Free Drop Service button and a request will sent to the police servers. They will get the co-ordinates of the user and returns a message displaying the police van's registered vehicle number.

The second one, works like, the user is in danger. She clicks the button. This button will trigger three things.

  • It will send the location co-ordinates to the police stations nearby.
  • It will send the Google Maps Location Link to the SOS contacts.
  • It will Tweet on a Twitter Handle of Police with the Google Maps Location Link. (If anyone who is following the account and it is nearby the victim's location, the person can immediate reach to the location and provide the necessary help, before the police arrives.)

How we built it

For Front-end, we used HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery. For Geolocation, we used HTML5. For Back-end, we used PHP and MySQL for database. APIs - Textlocal API (for messaging the SOS contacts), Twitter API (for auto-tweeting the location link).

Challenges we ran into

As we are students, we were not having a credit card. And to use Google Maps API, we need a billing-enabled account. So we didn't managed to get the API and hence solved the problem by using HTML5 Geolocation, but this made one restriction that we can't get the live location of the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of integrating all the modules which we thought of, with some ups and downs, some tricky ways. But yeah, we did it.

What we learned

Learned a lot, like we can use hardware of the device to trigger all the features which we thought of by a click. Like, we can make it work this way, pressing the power button thrice can trigger the danger mode. We will surely research about it and will try to implement it very soon.

What's next for Salvador

We are constantly thinking for new ideas by which we can make our app more reliable.

Even if our app helps 1% of the girls/women who are facing the problems, our team will be very happy as we have contributed something to society.

Team Salvador.

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