When we see home gardens with most of their plants dying, this caused us to take action towards a simple solution to alert home gardeners when their plants are dying.

What it does

Using image analytic functions built on top of the opencv library and a NoIR raspberry pi camera we can detect the health of a plant based on infrared light.

How I built it

We used a raspberry pi and the NoIR camera for hardware. For the software side it was built with opencv in python 2.7.

Challenges I ran into

The camera has an LED which distorts the data gained by the software. Other infrared sources, especially outside, interfere with the data collected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!! Isn't that the goal?

What I learned

Agricultural Computer Science is an amazing growing field!! We learned plants reflect infrared light.

What's next for Salutis Vitae (Health of Life)

We need an interface to add simplicity for home gardeners. We also need to perform object recognition to differentiate other sources of infrared light and only look for dense clusters.

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