Slush, conference meetings, always forgetting people you've just met. Running out of / losing business cards.

What it does

Detects handshake gestures and automatically swaps contacts.

How I built it

Using Android and Microsoft Band SDK for Android.

Challenges I ran into

Detecting the handshake gesture, because everybody performs the gesture in a different way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to detect a handshake, exchange contact info like name, emails, but also compute the level of interest of the person you connected to (by using heartbeat sensor)

What I learned

Using the Microsoft Band SDK, Creating an Azure Api App Service (Preview).

What's next for Salute!

Connecting on social networks, sending invites. Create a Map of Connections - where, who and when did you meet somebody. Enhance the algorithm for detecting handshake gesture. Give the possibility to the user to define its own gesture.

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