Real-time Risk Analysis of Asian Carps Invasion

This application allows user to determine the most high risk areas to sample and the times of years during which these areas should be sampled using online real-time temperature and flow data. This application could be used by field staff and managers to determine when Asian carps would be entering individual streams to spawn each summer. Data of Asian carp provided on this application provide both an elevated risk of reproduction and an opportunity to control and remove large portions of an invading population.

The term “Asian carps” collectively refers to four species of carps: Bighead, Silver, Grass and Black carps. All are members of the cyprinid family, which includes carps and several varieties of minnows. Observers and researchers have witnessed the expansion of Asian carps through the waterways of the U.S. and identified the physical, ecological, and socio-economic threats these fishes pose should they successfully reach the Great Lakes.

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